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The Chief Hut

The Chief Hut is the main wooden building which combines the past and the present. On the outside it resembles the huts of the Roman period but inside guests are being transferred into a different, modern world. This is possible thanks to latest multimedia solutions and exhibitions. Thus, exhibits from the collections of the Archaeological Museum and Museum of Amber in Gdansk are presented in a very modern way.  The theme of the exhibition is a display of the results of many years’ studies of the positions in Pruszcz Gdański. Traditional captions have been replaced by touchscreen panels showing rotating pictures, which make it possible to take a thorough look at the monuments in the three-dimensional technique. In the central part of the hut there is a touchpad map, presenting archaeological sites from Pruszcz Gdański, from Neolithic to modern times. It is also possible to watch films showing prehistoric community’s life and the construction process of Faktoria.

  • Exhibition in the Chief Hut
    Exhibition in the Chief Hut (photo J. Swis)
  • Inside the Chief Hut
    Inside the Chief Hut (photo J. Swis)
  • Inside the Chief Hut
    Inside the Chief Hut (photo J. Swis)

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20 Grunwaldzka Street, 83-000 Pruszcz Gdański
phone: +48 58 775 99 21
fax: +48 58 682 34 51
e-mail: urzad@pruszcz-gdanski.pl



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photo S. Czalej

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