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History of the city

The roots of the settlement on the area of present Pruszcz date back to the 6th century B.C. The nearness of the see was the reason why Pruszcz was developing so energetically since the first centuries of our era. In the period of Roman influences Pruszcz was probably the main harbour at the mouth of Vistula River, a big production centre and an important point on the amber route.

The testimony to the town’s past magnificence are the graves, burial urns and different kinds of bronze, glass and amber artifacts as well as Arab and Roman coins from the distant past that were discovered later.

The slump was caused by the forces of nature – there was a drop of the sea level which caused the loss of the seaside location and depopulation. Better times came together with the emergence of a near neighbour in the north – Gdańsk.

1307 is a historic date as the name Pruszcz appeared for the first time then. Forty years later a lock was built and a new river bed was marked out.

The channel supplied Gdańsk with drinking water and water necessary to drive industrial appliances and fill municipal moats. The town became more important but it was also subject to attacks. In 1367 thanks to the restoration of the location by the Teutonic Komtur Pruszcz became a rightful village with many privileges but also duties.

Since then until 17th century the village had its ups and downs - intensive development was interrupted by invasions and robberies after which days of magnificence were back. But the vicinity of Gdańsk always had a positive influence.

The 19th century was a century of investments – the sugar factory, school and hospital were built, the road between Gdańsk and Tczew was hardened, and a railway line was built.

In 1920 Pruszcz became a part of the territory of the Free City of Gdańsk that was formed under the Treaty of Versailles.  It was the beginning of another favourable economic period in the history of Pruszcz – a power plant, mill and airport were built in the twenties.  

It is little-known that Pruszcz became a district of Gdańsk in 1942 to be its housing and military back. The warfare caused extensive damage and the number of inhabitants decreased significantly.

After the war Pruszcz became an independent town and in 1951 its name gained the epithet ‘Gdański’. The history of Pruszcz after the war is connected both with industrial development and with agriculture.

The time of local governments started in 1990. Currently Pruszcz is an urban municipality whose territory corresponds to the area of the city. After the administrative reform it has become the seat of Gdańsk Poviat again.

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20 Grunwaldzka Street, 83-000 Pruszcz Gdański
phone: +48 58 775 99 21
fax: +48 58 682 34 51
e-mail: urzad@pruszcz-gdanski.pl



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